Saturday, December 18, 2010

Underway from Punta Colnett to San Quintin

It was a beautiful evening last night as we pulled into the south side of Punta Colnett. The water was flat calm, the skies painted with dramatic high, thin clouds which developed into a spectacular sunset. In the far distance we could see some buildings but they appeared to be nothing more than a fish camp. It felt about as wild and remote as a place could be.

As we were getting underway this morning, the chain piled up under the windlass and jammed. This caused the up button to weld itself into the 'on' position. The circuit breaker tripped. In removing the chain stripped housing, the two bolts nearly lost all their threads. I'm going to wait until we get into San Quintin to investigate further but it appears that we may have to manually deploy and retrieve the anchor until we can get some replacement parts. That's not too bad, though: Both Ruthie and Corie are really strong.

We still have winds out of the south so we're motoring once again. There should be a law against bashing southbound, even though the wind is light.

Fair winds and calm seas.
At 12/18/2010 6:38 PM (utc) our position was 30°47.36'N 116°13.21'W


  1. Good thing you brought along a couple of strong women....and which gives new meaning to "the chain gang"

  2. The strong women will convince Neal that the manly-man thing to do is to haul in that chain by himself! Therein lies true strength.

  3. We are enjoying reading about your adventures. Sounds like you will be spending money on parts and Fedex soon. Tell Corie, if she does not already know, there is a great right surf break at San Juanico Bay/Scorpion Bay coordinates N26 12 27 W112 28 67. The anchorage is not all that great but the surf can be spectacular. Jim and Larki

  4. We already miss you and your strong women! Keep blogging, so we can keep reading. And by the way, thanks for the day off work. :-)

  5. I hope the weather " down there" lets you see the lunar eclipse. No chance "up here".

  6. I guess no chance down there either! Just read your latest journal entry.