Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Pinned down in Turtle Bay

(Does it sound like every time I post something I'm whining?)

We had planned to leave here this morning but the wind, you guessed it, was still coming from the southeast.  Exactly the direction we want to go.  Besides that, our next stop is a small fishing village called Asuncion which is usually a well-protected anchorage - except - in a southeasterly wind.  I wasn't all that troubled by spending another day here as we have broadband internet access and good holding ground for the anchor.  However, by 10am the wind began to build and by 11 it was over 20 knots.  Since this bay is over 2 miles across, the swells started to build to the point where it was getting uncomfortable.  I made the decision to pull up the anchor and try the other side of the bay, a place where we've never anchored, despite the number of times we've anchored here.  As it turns out, it was a good move as the wind continued to build but our new location was flat if windy.  After Ruthie and Corie did their yoga, Ruthie made a terrific lunch.  Before we had finished, all the other yachts that had been anchored on the other side of the bay had followed our lead and moved to the southerly part of the bay.

Our new cockpit enclosure has easily paid for itself with the comfort it's providing now.  It's very cozy to be sitting in a draft-free cockpit, watching the wind whip the waves, while I sip strong, hot coffee.  I think I'll become a spokesman for the Cockpit Enclosure Association.

We'll try for Asuncion manana.

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