Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Bahia Tortuga

How long has it been since you last visited Bahia San Bartolome- lovingly known as Turtle Bay?  Well, since it is one of the most remote spots in Baja California,  I imagine it has been a while!  I'm sure you are dying to know what has changed since you were last here!

Firstly, there is now competition to Gordo's fuel!  Annabelle's is now sending out a 'welcome panga' to let all cruisers know that there is now a choice where one can purchase clean diesel-  delivered to your boat via a modified panga serving as a floating fuel dock!  Secondly, the ladder on the pier has been replaced by stairs- well of sorts... only one step missing... probably better to go up or down in the daylight!  However, this is a huge improvement as you used to have to jump about two feet from the dinghy dock to the bottom rung of the ladder...The pier is painted white with guano but there are no holes in it! Snack shops and restaurants now abound along the beach.  After waiting for 10-15 minutes for someone to show up in a spot we had never tried, we decided to return to a tried and true eatery- a front room in someone's home.  The TV was blaring, family photos adorned the walls and the family was eating cup-o'- noodles for lunch on tables piled high with boxes of shoes as we ordered our chilequilles and combination plates! Lastly, I think everyone in Turtle Bay now owns a car!  We were obviously tourists because we were the only ones walking while everyone else was driving their car- no matter how long or short the distance. Since the roads are not paved, we were pretty caked with dust by the time we had circled town once or twice.  Hot showers are on the evenings entertainment agenda.

Of course, even as things change there are still the things you can count on.  The church still stands and is  decorated for Navidad.  Kid still play soccer every chance they get.  Dogs  abound!  And, every Mexicano or Mexicana that we passed on the street wished us a buenos tardes.

After our 30 hour run from San Quintin, we are more than happy to be here!  There is nothing like watching a full moon rise over a quiet anchorage, seeing moon glade on the water and knowing that once you go to bed, you don't have to get up in the middle of the night for a night watch!


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  1. Nice to hear your "voice", Ruthie. The photos are also beautiful. Keep them coming!