Tuesday, April 17, 2012

1st 24 Hours Out!

From 10:00 yesterday to 10:00 today S/V Rutea covered 146.5 nautical miles! We did a combination of motor sailing and sailing as the wind rose and declined but as of now it looks like we will have steady wind up to Fiji. It also looks like we are going to have some big swells come through.... The big, yellow horns of the harvest moon rose on my watch last night and even though it was only 24% it lit the whole sky. Before the moon rose it was a starry, starry night!

Everyone is in good spirits this morning as we all got "some" quality sleep. Had grilled cheese sandwiches for breakfast!

R of Rutea
Eb Route to Savusavu, Fiji
At 4/17/2012 10:03 PM (utc) Rutea's position was 33°02.99'S 174°52.80'E

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  1. Hi Ruteans,
    Thinking of you out there. Hope today is a good day at sea. We are in Paradise Bay with Paikea Mist. Love to you 3.