Sunday, January 2, 2011

Adios, San Jose del Cabo

We're getting ready to leave San Jose del Cabo, the remarkably delightful town that's so different from Cabo San Lucas just 20 miles away.  We hope that SJdC can keep it's charm and small size, however, there's pressure for it to become similar to it's neighbor to the west.  In fact, almost in the center of town they're building a WalMart - across from one of our favorite thatch-roofed restaurants.

Even though it's been cold (by southern Baja California standards - morning temperatures in the mid 50s) we've enjoyed our stay.  Corie got some surfing in, we celebrated New Year's Eve with new friends and it marked a significant milestone in our trip.  Perhaps the biggest news we received while here is that our daughter, Caity, has gotten engaged to her long-time boyfriend, Danny.  Their wedding won't be for a while but we're very happy for both of them.  I've got so many marriage lectures to share with them!

From here, we're planning on going just around the corner to Bahia de los Frailes, a small anchorage that's well protected from the 20-knot northwest winds that are forecast.  We'll spend the night there and then head for Mazatlan, which, according to our chartplotter, is exactly 163 miles to the east.  Hopefully, it will be warmer there.  The people we met on Freya, a 53' Irwin ketch, are going to 'buddy boat' with us.  On board is a family with a 22 year old young woman, her 18 year old brother, their father and a friend of the family.  We have a lot in common and we're enjoying each others company.  Corie has finally met someone her age instead of all these old people we keep running in to.

We're hopeful that 2011 will be a good year for all with peace, good health, happiness, fun adventures and much wealth, however you define it.  Please drop us a note sometime as it's a high part of our day to hear from you.  So long for now.


  1. I am enjoying reading your postings, both by Neal and Ruthie. They are so newsy and chatty - I love it. So, between you folks and my good friends on S/V Totem, I am getting a great education of the cruising life. I am hoping that you will run into the Giffords along your route. As you know, they are in Sydney now for quite a while.
    Stay safe, and I'll be following your trip, eager for every posting!!

  2. Oh, Neal, I forgot to ask, but are you able to access your Facebook account? I posted all my Silver Gate class pictures, and of course you are in a few. Hope you are able to see them. What a blast!