Friday, November 2, 2012

Chesterfield Reef Still

After two days of snorkeling, crossword puzzles, sleeping, etc, I felt like I needed to get something done. It didn't take long for the obvious answer to rear it's ugly head as our teak cap rail looks like it's been ignored for years. In truth, we had sanded it down to bare wood and coated it with Lingol Teak Guard only last May but the finish was gone from most of the rail and what was left was peeling off in thin, wispy threads.

The irony was not lost on me: Here we were in this remote paradise, the clear water with over 100' visibility, the birds careening overhead, the sun beating down and I've got the generator running with the power sander making the entire anchorage sound like a boat yard in any city. I worked as fast as I could but it's still a time-consuming project. Ruthie did the hand sanding where the power sander couldn't reach. Corie helped for a while but opted to go diving with Mark on Merkava as that was more fun.

Ruthie and I took a break and jumped in the water with our masks, snorkels and fins on. I followed our anchor chain but most of it was buried deep in the soft sand - I never did see our anchor. The wind was almost nonexistent and that improved the water visibility even more. If this place wasn't so remote, it would be a diving mecca.

All of us had been invited over to Epiphany, a Benetau 46, for cocktails in the evening. Joe and Nellie are Hungarian, in their mid-30s and very charming - we warmed to them immediately. They offered scotch as they had bought a case of it while in Gibraltar for US$1.00/bottle - and they don't even drink scotch!
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