Wednesday, November 7, 2012

80 Miles to Bundaberg

With the end of this passage in sight, we're now getting antsy to get in. Of course, now the wind lightens up and the seas are running a moderate 2 meter swell - enough to keep Rutea rolling from side to side and everything that's not tied down inside the boat is in a constant state of motion. We're running Dead Down Wind (DDW) which is not our favorite point of sail and the genoa fills and collapses even with the pole out. Regardless, our spirits are high as we anticipate the arrival in yet another new country. Of course, high on the list of Things To Do is to go out for a meal. We've been warned that Australian BioSecurity will confiscate most of our food on board so we provisioned with that in mind. Therefore, most of Rutea's lockers are sparsely filled and her refrigerator, which is normally well-stocked, looks rather sad. We shut down and emptied our freezer altogether.

The sky is overcast and there are occasional showers. Right now, we're crossing the shipping lanes and the freighter traffic is high. Fortunately, we see them all well in advance on our chartplotter as all of them transmit Automatic Identification Service (AIS) signals which tells us the name, position, course, speed and other things about the ship. We transmit our information as well. It takes a lot of anxiety out of a common fear for many cruising sailors. There was a story about a ship that had a sailboat's mast and rigging hanging off it's anchor when it pulled into port and it never knew how it got there. That won't happen to us.

Our chartplotter says 13 hours, 11 minutes until we're in port. Good on ya, mate.
At 11/7/2012 7:02 AM (utc) Rutea's position was 22°13.00'S 155°37.00'E

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  1. Welcome to Australia. We're living (and Evan's working) here in Brisbane on the pile moorings. Have fun and drop us a line if you get in the neighborhood. Please say hi to Dilligaf from us.