Thursday, October 27, 2011

Day 7 - Tonga to New Zealand

With less than 50 miles to go to Opua, we're having one hell of a sail with Rutea holding pretty much to her hull speed. We've got everything up but the bed sheets and everything vanged down but my pants. It's cool out but there's lots of sunshine. We hope to arrive at the quarantine dock by 1630 local time. We can't see land yet as there's a haze to the west but we should be able to spot it by late morning.

It's been a fairy-tale passage. None of the harrowing conditions that we were promised - instead we got some great sailing in. We did have to motor for a couple of days but that helped keep the passage short. Our spirits are high and we're looking forward to lots of cold, refreshing beverages.

Thanks to everyone who emailed and thought of us. I know it helped. We'll post pictures and write more soon.
At 10/27/2011 7:02 PM (utc) Rutea's position was 34°33.35'S 174°38.08'E

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  1. Hi Neal & Corrie -my name is Loren and I am a very close friend of your cousin Marcey in New Jersey. I am a sailor ( 25' catalina) and my boyfriend also sailor & commodore of our yacht club - Glen Cove Yacht Club in Long Island ( 27' Island Packet) are inspired and living vicariously through your adventures as we live day to day lives in New York City. I hope by the time you read this post you will have made landfall. I love your posts and stories and keep them coming. I cant wait to see the photos. If you ever need any crew in any part of your worldly adventures we are both chefs and sailors and would be thrilled to help in any way. Just let us know. Cheers and again its a pleasure to read about your adventures. Loren and Herve