Friday, April 1, 2011

This is my bell ringing

The mainsail has been hoisted for 10 days straight; the genoa poled out to windward for the last four. We haven't had the engine running for the same 10 days. We're less than 600 miles north of the equator. This is my bell ringing.

Sometimes the skies are clear and sometimes overcast but the wind has been very steady. The seas can be a bit lumpy at times but knowing that it's a product of having wind, I don't complain much. The decks are mostly dry and a rain shower would be delightful but I'm patient. Our weather forecast is excellent. This is my bell ringing.

Yes, we use too much electricity (I inadvertently left the lights on in the engine room all night) and that means we have to run the genset for up to four hours per day. But it doesn't use much fuel and after a while, the noise disappears into the background. It's been a solid piece of equipment since I installed it two years ago.

We are getting along famously. No obvious signs of cabin fever and everyone still pitches in with the less-glamorous chores and routines without overt bitterness. We listen to books on tape and play Scrabble on the iPad. When a sail change is needed, we have a quick meeting to discuss the process. So far, they've all gone smoothly without any shouting. This is my bell ringing.

Corie has taken to sleeping in the main saloon while I prefer sleeping in the cockpit - even a thin blanket is too much. The nights cool off to about 74 degrees and I find it delightful to feel the breeze in the cockpit as I lay there watching the stars (when it's not overcast). This is my bell ringing.

Fair winds, calm seas and ringing bells.
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