Monday, March 28, 2011

Imagine a World....

Where you move constantly, even trying to sit still! While, sitting, standing, or walking you tai-chi from side to side constantly trying to maintain balance. It's nearly impossible to hold something with two hands because you almost always need one hand to hang on to something in order not to topple over! Now imagine being in your kitchen trying to cook and listening to all of your dishes in your cupboard clink back and forth! Or, the cans in your pantry clanging into each other! Or, opening your refrigerator door and having everything spill out! Now imagine cooking on your gimbled stove, but as the stove gimbles, the contents of your pan slide (or slosh) from side to side! Or slide or slosh over the side... (Lesson- always use a pan or pot much larger than you think you need!) Now it's time do do dishes! Of course the water in your sink is also sloshing from side to side but also, as you look out of your window your view is first of all blue water (or in your case perhaps green grass and rose bushes) and a second later your view is all of blue sky and clouds! Then, you tai-chi your way back to your cabin where you are going to take a nap and as soon as you lie down, there is an obnoxious clanking of something rolling around that will just not let you sleep! So off you go on a hunt to find the obstreperous noise and, it could be anywhere within 48 feet- inside or out!

The funny thing is that this is all becoming very normal - albeit still comical- but we are maneuvering around quite well! The really funny thing is that it is now hard to imagine how we are ever going to get our 'land legs' back again and walk perfectly upright without falling about! Or, sleep through an entire night! Or live without the noise of something rolling, clanking or being wind-whipped about!

Now why would anyone in their right mind want to live like this.... you might ask? Well, I have been asking the same question of my self quite a bit lately! Hopefully it is a means to an end- the end being the Paradise of the South Pacific where you anchor in tranquil coves off of white sand beaches and get to sleep in your own bed each night! Or maybe I got caught up in someone else's 37 year old dream of sailing to the South Pacific and am now dreaming the same dream! Or maybe I just decided to get adventurous in my middle age! Well, however I got here- it is an adventure and I can't think of any other way to end this except for saying- it's too late to turn back now!

R of Rutea
At 3/28/2011 5:13 PM (utc) Rutea's position was 13°36.55'N 116°10.07'W

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  1. The other day, Doc White was describing his hunt for just a clanking noise on his boat. It took him a year to find it! It was a coke can or something left in a wall by the boat builder. Reading your posts is fascinating, but makes me more of a landlubber than ever! Has Neil stuck to his no-caffeine deal wiyh himself?