Saturday, February 21, 2015

Crossing the Mannar Gulf

The wind forecast in the GRIBs showed that we should have had very light northeasterlies except for one tiny wind flag that showed a light westerly. Of course, as is often the case, the westerly wind prevailed and built all afternoon until we were beating directly into the direction we wanted to go. Fortunately, the wind backed to about 80° off the starboard side but increased in velocity. Soon we had winds in the low 20s and the seas grew accordingly. By night fall, the seas were a solid 3 meters, rolling Rutea at their whim. Although this made things uncomfortable, we were making a solid 8.5 knots SOG and while surfing down the wind waves we'd often see 10 knots and I once saw 11.3. It has made sleeping a challenge. What has added to the melee is that we failed to get our prop folded so it continues to spin, shaking the entire boat but it's especially loud in our cabin. Ruthie sought refuge in the main saloon, sleeping on the settee but that was interrupted also when a breaking wave forced its way through the main hatch, soaking everything, including Ruthie.

Dawn came early and it's always a surprise to see the seas you've been sailing through all night. Sometimes I think it's easier to sail at night because you can't see how gnarly things are out there. Regardless, our spirits remain high, we haven't broken anything and we're making great time. Our meals are a little sparse but I needed to lose some weight anyway.

All is well on board.
At 2/21/2015 9:12 AM (utc) Rutea's position was 05°50.96'N 079°39.72'E

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