Sunday, October 28, 2012

Vanuatu to Australia - Day 2

We have slipped into our passage-making patterns, this time being easier than most because our conditions are so good. Flat seas, a steady breeze and all the systems working as they should. At 0400 this morning, we made our turn to our current course of 231°M, which allowed us to clear Huon Reef. This puts us on course for Chesterfield Reef which is about halfway between Vanuatu and Australia. It's about 36 hours away and will give us a break before we make the final push into Bundaberg, Queensland. We've been told that there's a good, sheltered anchorage there, albeit out in the middle of nowhere. There's suppose to be a lot of birds that hang out there - we might spend a few days at Chesterfield, which is part of New Caledonia. At our current speed we'll arrive there in the middle of the night so we're going to have to slow ourselves down as we never enter a new-to-us anchorage in the dark.

Our friends on Dilligaf have pulled ahead of us by a couple of miles and our friend Mark on Merkava is now about 12 miles behind us but we're all still close enough to talk on the VHF radio. Other than them, we've only seen a couple of fishing boats.

Our spirits remain high although the conversation often reverts to how much we miss Mexican food. However, we're tough and we can rise to any challenge. If you get a chance, though, drop us a note with a detailed description of your last carne asada burrito. Thanks.
At 10/28/2012 10:45 PM (utc) Rutea's position was 17°52.00'S 162°15.00'E

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